Abstract submission deadline (extended deadline ) : April 15th,2019
Paper submission deadline (extended deadline ) : April 30th, 2019
Notification of Decision : May 15th, 2019
Camera-Ready & Registration : May 20th, 2019

Welcome to the NLP-DH / June 12,13, 2019 - CERIST - Algeria

About Algeria

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and located on the Mediterranean coast between Morocco and Tunisia. At 2.38 million square kilometers (919,595.3 sq. miles), it is the tenth largest country in the world. Most of the cities in Algeria are near the coast. Algiers, located in northern Algeria, is the most populated city with 2.594 million residents. Oran, located in the north-west, is the second largest with 858,000 residents.

The Sahara Desert comprises 80% of the country. Algeria has a mostly arid climate with temperatures from 21-24° C (70-75° F) during the summer to 10-12° C (50-54° F) during the winter. One unique feature of Algeria’s climate is the Sirocco winds. The Sirocco winds are hot, sandy, gale force winds that are prominent in the summer season and occasionally strong enough to cause sandstorms More Details

Welcome to

NLP-DH 2019

The first international workshop on NLP for Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities constitutes an interdisciplinary emergent research field which concepts and ideas witness a great adherence around the world. Since the Humanities Computing and the Thomas Aquinas Corpus, Natural Language Processing has a long and rich history with the Humanities.

This first workshop organised by the Digital Humanities R&D Division at the Algerian Research Center on Scientific and Technical Information aims to bring together researchers from the NLP field who are developing tools and resources for the humanities to share ideas and projects.

The workshop will also host a special session for the Arabic speaking Humanists who wish to share their problems and concerns regarding computing and humanities in order to help the NLP community to understand their specific needs and to build interdisciplinary collaboration projects.

Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The following paper categories are welcome:

  • Full papers describing completed research in any topic of NLP related to humanities: corpora, spoken corpora, lexicography, computational history, Information retrieval , stylometry, authorship attribution, plagiarism detection, stylometry, discourse analysis, resources development for cultural heritage, …
  • Posters describing ongoing work or project in the above topics.


Honorary chair Prof. Badache Nadjib

Program Committee

  • Hassina Aliane, Chair
  • Abdelfettah Hamdani
  • Abdelhak Lakhoudja
  • Abdelkrim Meziane
  • Ahmed Abdelali
  • Ahmed Guessoum
  • Alexander Gelbukh
  • Ali Farghaly
  • Azzedine Mazraoui
  • Farid Meziane
  • Fatiha Sadat
  • Fatma Zohra Belkredim
  • Fatma Zohra Bessai
  • Hamid Azzoune
  • Ismail Biskri
  • Kamel Smaili
  • Karim Bozoubaa
  • Kazar Okba
  • Mohamed Benmohamed
  • Mounir Zrigui
  • Mourad Ghassan
  • Mourad Loukam
  • Mustapha Jarrar
  • Nasredine Semmar
  • Omar Larouk
  • Sadik Bessou
  • Sahbi Sidhom
  • Ruslan Mitkov

Organizing committee

  • Hassina Aliane, DRDHN CERIST
  • Hassina Khellouf, DRDHN CERIST
  • Leila Nouri, DRDHN CERIST
  • Fouzia Bourai, DRDHN CERIST
  • Messoud Chaa, DRDHN CERIST 
  • Mustapha Merazka, DRDHN CERIST


All questions about submissions should be emailed drdhn@cerist.dz; ahassina@cerist.dz


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Division Recherche et Développement

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Directeur de la division : Dr ALIANE Hassina

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